Brief about NEBOSH IGC Exam Technique, with Action words example

Video Transcription To Pass NEBOSH IGC you need to perform well during the exam. You only have two hours and your performance will be related to two key factors The amount that you can remember about the elements you have studied and Your success in applying that knowledge to an exam situation. The IGC 1 and IGC 2 exam consists of two … [Read more...]

NEBOSH health and safety at work qualification


Nebosh health and safety at work qualification is one of the most wanted safety course for those who are all start their carrier in safety sector. Safety indeed the prime concern for employers/industries in and around Chennai, whose precincts are dotted with automobile, marine, heavy engineering, manufacturing, electronics, power, chemical, and … [Read more...]

Best NEBOSH safety training institute in India


Millions of workers around the world are facing different levels of risks and hazards at workplaces which sometimes cost their lives or maim them permanently. Several safety standards and regulations imposed by countries notwithstanding, there have been many instances of disasters and accidents at workplaces around the world signaling the need for … [Read more...]

Start your career in Safety with NEBOSH IGC


Safety is the buzz word in today’s productivity-focused work environment. Accidents can claim lives or maim scores of talents in the absence of fool-proof or time-tested protective system at the high-risk work environments.Providing high-degree of safety and healthy work environments for workers will not only save the skilled workforce from falling … [Read more...]

How to pass NEBOSH IGC Examinations


Preparation: The following guidelines is for those who have assumed to possess basic English writing / reading skills Attend the training sessions regularly and never doubt on your commitment as the reward you get in clearing NEBOSH is humongous.   The more you study, the more you can remember on the day of examination; … [Read more...]

Enhance your Safety career through NEBOSH IGC in Cochin with exciting offers

Dear all, “It’s better to Spend 12 days of training for NEBOSH in life than to lose life in a minute.” Why is Safety Important at the Workplace? Workplace safety is the employer’s and management’s responsibility. It involves the formation and implementation of safety programs. Employee insurance schemes and employee safety policies … [Read more...]

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NEBOSH IGC - Chandigarh What does NEBOSH IGC International General Certificate offer at Chandigarh? NEBOSH International General Certificate deals with offering a robust foundation in the ethics and practice of health and safety management with the goal to furnish skilled individuals to become specialists in the health and safety industry. With … [Read more...]


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