Green World Group-Choice of HSE Professionals as the Best Safety Institute


With more than 14 years of global experience in occupational health and safety field Green World Group has been delivering various health and safety courses like NEBOSH ,IOSH, ISO 45001: 2001 lead auditor course, OSHA courses etc, via virtual live online training with 4482+ trained batches , 1000+ successful NEBOSH IGC batches. Globally 79221+ … [Read more...]

Green World Alumnus from one of our NEBOSH IGC Batch


Green World Group is known for its quality and standards and it is the No.1 Choice for HSE Aspirants, an alumnus from one of our NEBOSH IGC Batch had expressed his thoughts about our training quality and teaching methodologies in the preceding SMO post. For more reviews and learner's voice about us … [Read more...]

Green World Group’s Count of Success in NEBOSH IGC

Nebosh Batch with 30,541 Aggregate

Green World Group has proven as No. 1 HSE Institute by numbers in delivering the 1000th NEBOSH IGC batches, with Aggregate of 30,541 learners Registration across 195 countries. Our unmatched training delivery and learner confidence has been unique compared to our competitor. Leading by Standards & Unstoppable by Quality…! OUR POPULAR … [Read more...]

Green World announces the celebration of 1000 NEBOSH IGC Batch!


Green World Group stands taller year-by-year and holds the No.1 position in the HSE Training sector by consistently maintaining the standards…! Ever since the establishment of Green World Group in 2006, we provide customized health and safety training solutions as well as consultancy services with self-imposed ethics as integrity, honesty, … [Read more...]

Green World has achieved a new record for the upcoming Nebosh OBE


Astonishing Beyond Imagination… Green World Group holds yet another record to add to its queue by achieving the highest number of learner registration (855) for the upcoming NEBOSH IGC Online Open Book Examination (OBE) on 28th Oct'20. OUR POPULAR SAFETY COURSES: NEBOSH COURSE IOSH COURSE ISO 45001 IRCA LEAD AUDITOR … [Read more...]

How Great Managers Can Ease Workplace Stress?


While employers attempt to ensure their employees are provided with a safe and secure workplace by reducing the probabilities of accidents and injuries, it is vital to not overlook the employee stress. Too much stress or too many responsibilities can increase the employee chances of stress not only high, but also making costly mistakes. A … [Read more...]

How to Quarantine Yourself from COVID-19?

How to Quarantine Yourself_a

Thousands who may have been exposed to the coronavirus have been asked to quarantine themselves. It’s harder than it sounds. Stay home unless you must see a doctor. No trips to the office or school, no shopping. If you must come out of your room, wear a mask. And don’t share towels. Right now, all are being asked to stay home if they have returned … [Read more...]

Nebosh IGC 850th Batch celebration at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


We are much cheerful, energized and extremely glad to declare that Green World Group had recently Celebrated NEBOSH IGC 850th Batch 05th March 2019 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is an energizing time for Green World Group to accomplish an achievement in our training. The celebration began with a short introduction about Green World Group, Course … [Read more...]

Green World Group 850th Nebosh IGC Batch Celebration at Bangalore


Presently, Green World Group is celebrating its NEBOSH 850th batch success. On 01st March 2018 Celebration was begun with rapture and Cake cutting function. All candidates are pleased and content with our warm welcome and friendliness. Every student was much energetic and revering the sessions lively. Our HSE expert tutors provide the … [Read more...]

850th Nebosh IGC Batch Celebration at Abu Dhabi


Few events are usually celebrated with huge excitement and some are held mutely. Currently this has been appropriately suitable for the NEBOSH 850th batch completion in Abu Dhabi. There exists a valid reason to proudly say that providing a NEBOSH IGC course is not easy as one think. It has its own way of challenging features. It was handled more … [Read more...]


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