Grand Opening Safety Training Center in Riyadh


With workplace environments increasingly becoming stressful, incompatible and unhealthy for the working populace which lead to various disasters and accidents, it is imperative that industries around the world follow and implement suitable and highly efficient safety system to save lives and properties.Occupational safety is a booming career option … [Read more...]

GWG commences 700th NEBOSH Batch with loads of package and gifts


If you are aiming to become a top-class occupational safety and health expert, what could a better way than choosing Green World Group’s centre which is going to commence its 700th NEBOSH batch along with bundles of offers and prizes for the participants? NEBOSH, as everyone knows, is the top-notch course for those willing to become occupational … [Read more...]

Our New Business Center in Chennai

Green World Group realizing the potentiality of the carrier in Health and safety at the present scenario, and has designed its training program to impart efficient skills with high caliber in Subjects and professionalism. Our courses are accredited by International bodies such as IOSH, NEBOSH, HABC & Safety Media etc, and along with the … [Read more...]

GWG is proud to commence its 850th Batch in Chennai

We Lead and Others Follow !! GWG providing nonpareil HSE training services at India, UAE, Africa, Iran, Angola and Oman and has scaled new heights of excellence in safety training in a very short span. GWG’s Safety Training program enlightened the career path of thousands of candidates by transforming them to successful HSE professionals. GWG … [Read more...]

NEBOSH Fire Safety And Risk Management In Chennai– Admissions Open For 2013 Batch.. contact-8098819456

Who would benefit from taking Nebosh IFC qualification? The International Fire Certificate has been designed for managers, supervisors, employee representatives and others to provide an appropriate breadth of underpinning knowledge for non-specialists in fire safety. The qualification will enable them to discharge more effectively their … [Read more...]


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