How to become NEBOSH HSE Certified Process Safety Manager in UAE


What is process safety management (PSM)? Process Safety Management (PSM) is a regulations formulated by Occupational Safety and Health Administration to promote safety among process industries which handle hazardous chemicals and high energy sources. PSM refers to several inter-related approaches in managing hazards and dangerous processes … [Read more...]

Take the right step to provide in-house safety training for workers

In house training

Workplace safety and health for any industrial environment is highly critical for its own existence. Employers do comply with the prevailing legislation to ensure that the employees have adequate knowledge and get training to protect them from the workplace hazards and health risks. Apart from meeting the legal compliances, organisations can count … [Read more...]

NEBOSH health and safety at work qualification


Nebosh health and safety at work qualification is one of the most wanted safety course for those who are all start their carrier in safety sector. Safety indeed the prime concern for employers/industries in and around Chennai, whose precincts are dotted with automobile, marine, heavy engineering, manufacturing, electronics, power, chemical, and … [Read more...]

Diploma in Electrical safety


Diploma in Electrical safety deals with dangers and risks associated with electricity usage in factories, small and medium production units, multiplexes and other regular enterprises. As the electrical related risks can be catastrophic, the course makes students capable of managing workplaces smoothly, analyzing and preparing risk audits to reduce … [Read more...]

Diploma in Environmental health and safety course


Environmental health and safety course: As industries need to be cautious on keeping the workplace environment free from pollutants and other toxic or hazardous substances, workplace managers and safety officials take special care to ensure everyone remain safe and healthy, all the time. The course on Environmental Safety emphasizes that … [Read more...]

Diploma in Food Safety training course


Food safety course: Companies involved in food making, processing and packaging industry need to follow certain critical safety regulations and proven practices to avoid getting penalized for adulteration, for making substandard food products and for having vulnerable and unhealthy work environments. Students joining Diploma in Food Safety are … [Read more...]

Lead auditor course OHSAS 18001:2007 – KOLKATA

OHSAS 18001:2007 is the British Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (BS OHSAS) followed by industries around the world to provide flawless safety and health measures for the welfare of workers. The London-based International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) certifies the Lead Auditor Course, which is being … [Read more...]


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