Green World announces the celebration of 1000 NEBOSH IGC Batch!

Green World Group stands taller year-by-year and holds the
No.1 position in the HSE Training sector by consistently maintaining the standards…!

Green World 1000th Nebosh IGC Batch

Ever since the establishment of Green World Group in 2006, we provide customized health and safety training solutions as well as consultancy services with self-imposed ethics as integrity, honesty, and innovation; this professionalism and dedication leads us to achieve many great impossible things and accomplish the unreachable milestones in OHS management.

In 2006, we started our journey as an amateur with bigger dreams as same as others to now stand as an example for the quote “We Lead and Others Follow” by providing high standard training for the audience from 77 different nationalities with a global reach across 195 countries as well as holds the status as “No.1 HSE Training Institute in the Region” by delivering the 1000th NEBOSH IGC Batch.


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