Distance learning courses have helped people to develop a dynamic personality. ADOHSEM


Advance Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management – Distance Learning – Duration One Year, Promoted by Government of India

Distance learning courses have helped people to develop a dynamic personality for themselves as they help them to engage in multiple activities. Research has shown that improvements in safety management are influential in achieving a positive safety culture. This leads to reduced accident rates, which is seen as a positive step forward, which is a further influence on the safety culture

The main objectives of the programme are

1. To Promoting educational qualification of learners

2. To provide knowledge about occupational health, industrial hygiene, accidental

prevention techniques to the candidates.

3. To make the candidate aware about safety auditing and management systems,

pollution prevention techniques etc.

4. To train the students about risk assessment and management.


One Year

Course materials

International standard published by Green World Group (promoted by government of India)


Successful candidates will get the certificate within 25 days (from result announcement date). Certificate & Mark list will be issued from Central Board of Examination & National Development agency, Promoted by Government of India

Certificate division with Distinction & First class

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IM: Ramkumar.gwg [skype]

Email: ram.ganeshamurthy@greenwgroup.com



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  1. Graham Barlow

    The course is quite interesting and necessary for those people who wish to seek employment in the construction and mining industry.OHS is highly regarded and required and it will put an individual on a field where he will be able to manage unpredictable situations and find possible solutions for them.

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