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First aid Training


Green World Group is thrilled to announce the successful completion of our comprehensive first aid and fire safety training batch for one of India’s leading E-commerce companies. This achievement, led by our expert trainer, Mr. Shivaji, was a testament to the dedication and commitment of the participants. The face-to-face session, held in Hyderabad on 9th April 2024, aimed to equip participants with life-saving skills and essential knowledge for workplace safety.

Understanding First Aid Training

First aid training is not just a theoretical concept, but a practical skill that can save lives in emergencies. Participants in our program learn basic life-saving techniques such as CPR, wound management, and handling medical emergencies like heart attacks or strokes. This training is not just about workplace safety, but about empowering individuals to act swiftly and confidently during critical situations.

Key Learning Objectives

In our first aid training, participants acquire skills to assess and respond to joint injuries and medical emergencies. They gain confidence in using first aid equipment and learn to stabilize injured individuals until professional medical assistance arrives.

Exploring Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training educates individuals on preventing fires and responding effectively in emergencies. Topics covered include fire prevention techniques, identifying fire hazards, evacuation procedures, and the proper use of fire extinguishers.

Why Green World Group for HSE Training?

  • 1. Expert Trainers: Our trainers are experienced health, safety, and environmental professionals.
  • 2. Tailored Programs: We offer customized training programs to suit specific industry needs.
  • 3. Practical Approach: Our training emphasizes practical skills and real-world scenarios.
  • 4. Compliance: We ensure compliance with local and international safety standards.
  • 5. Global Recognition: Green World Group is recognized for excellence in HSE training.
  • 6. Career Advancement: Training with us enhances career prospects in safety and health domains.

At Green World Group, we are committed to creating safer workplaces through high-quality HSE training. Contact us today to discover how our programs can benefit your organization’s safety culture and employee well-being.

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