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First-Aid Safety Awareness Training at Food Manufactures



It’s a pleasure for Green World Group to share that we have delivered First-Aid Safety Awareness Training to one of the leading and trusted providers of wholesome, fresh, and preservative-free ready-to-cook foods, based in Bangalore on 19th July 2023. The training was articulate and knowledgeable and we have got a lot of positive feedback on it.

First-Aid Safety Awareness Training

This training empowers the participants with the necessary confidence to deal with a fire-aid emergency ensuring treatment is given at the earliest possible time before medical personnel arrive at the place. This training teaches on recognizing emergency medical situations, effectively and promptly managing the incidents and safely administering first aid.

Why Green World?

Green World Group is dedicated to assisting, creating, and maintaining a safer environment through up-skilling the staff and enabling the organization to meet compliance. We ensure the future of the business is completely protected with improved operational efficiency through achieving the highest standards in learning and health and safety practices.

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