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The NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health is an internationally recognised health and safety qualification. It is an 11 day course that includes two written examinations and one practical exam.

The qualification comes from the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) in the United Kingdom.

The course is challenging and requires you to have a good standard of spoken and written English language. At Green World Group we use lots of resources and use different learning styles to help you learn. You are given a detailed textbook and great handouts. You don’t need to have any particular qualifications before you take a NEBOSH course, but some technical background and work experience, is useful.

The outcomes of the course are as follows:

  • Identify common      hazards in the workplace and advice on appropriate remedial action
  • Understand the foundations and framework for regulation of health and safety, including      international standards and conventions such as ISO and ILO.
  • Assist in the      preparation, review and monitoring of safety policy and procedures      including pro-active and reactive strategies, training, audits and safety      committees.
  • Investigate      accidents and other incidents and prepare cost-effective proposals to      prevent recurrence.
  • Communicate effectively      on health and safety matters, including the use of reports.
  • Describe human      and organizational factors affecting health and safety performance      assessment – for example, health & safety culture.
  • Undertake      effective workplace inspections and recommend cost effective remedial      action.
  • Maintain records      and information sources to advise management.
  • Advise of      appropriate action to minimise fire risk and develop fire procedures.
  • Advise on the      chemical and biological hazards and control.
  • Advise on safety      in construction.

Course Content

The contents of the course are divided into two units plus a practical exam

Unit IGC 1 : Management of International Health & Safety

1. Health and Safety Foundations
2. Setting policy for health and safety
3. Organising for health and safety
4. Promoting a positive health and safety culture
5. Risk Assessment
6. Principles of Control
7. Monitoring, review and audit
8. Occupational incident Investigation
investigation, recording and reporting

Unit IGC 2 : Control of International Workplace Hazards

1. Movement of people and vehicles – hazards and control
2. Manual and Mechanical handling – hazards and control
3. Working Equipment – hazards and control
4. Electrical Hazards and control
5. Fire Hazards
6. Chemical and biological health hazards and control
7. Physical and psychological health hazards and control
8. Construction activities – hazards and control

Unit IGC 3 : International Health & Safety Practical Application
In this unit you are required to do a health & safety assessment of a worksite and write a proper report to management. The IGC 3 exam is carried out after the course in your own workplace



There are two written examinations and one practical exam. Examinations last 2 hours each and consist of long and short answer style questions. It is necessary to pass all exams in order to receive a NEBOSH certificate. The certificates are issued by NEBOSH UK.

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