GWG Arrogantly Declare Amazing Pass Result of Nebosh IGC for Past 11 Batches in INDIA

Good News!
Green World Group received our Nebosh IGC for Past 11 batch result held on New Delhi,Cochin, Chennai and Karaikal.


IGC 1 # 94%)
IGC 2# 96%
IGC 3 # 100%

How Green World Group achieved this success.

Increasing Candidates interaction

We have noticed in many of the classes we have taught that there can be a tendency for the learners to want to interact with us but less enthusiasm when it comes to interacting with each other. We always empathize and encourage the candidates to participate in open discussion.

Maximizing practice time

Learners need to practise as much as possible if they are to be successful. Interaction through pair and group work maximizes the opportunities to practice.

By daily mock review exam.

Conducting daily mock review exam to practise for the final exam and prompt feedback from the tutors on regular basis.

Motivation is a fundamental aspect of successful learning. Interaction gives learners the opportunity.

Unmatched Tutor Expertise
Tutors chosen not only for their expert knowledge but also for their excellent communication skills and dedication to student support.

First Class Study Aids
World-leading study aids to maximize your chances of examination success.

Local Knowledge
Local tutor knowledge and support provided by Arabic, English and Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil speakers and always backed-up by specialist UK approved tutors and expertise.

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