GWG exclusive offers for Effective Plant Shutdown and turnaround Management in Qatar

Green World Group launching offers for Effective Plant Shutdown and turnaround Management training at affordable cost.!! We are happily announce that we are going to conduct our first training class in Qatar on Feb 26th, 27th & 28th 2015.

Contact Details: Mr. Orvil Matthews (Director – Sales) – +971 55 2797944 & email:

Benefits of effective shutdown and turnaround management..

Huge plants and industrial setups need to function all through the year to maintain uninterrupted production levels, so owners can’t simply withstand or afford to have frequent breakups or production outages due to system, power or mechanical failures. Some industrial units keep stand-by or alternative arrangements to manage unplanned shutdowns or disruptions, but majority of the manufacturing and non-manufacturing organizations have effective plant shutdown and turnaround management plans to meet the contingency.

So, how these companies or factories for that matter, manage their machinery in top condition to avoid unscheduled or prolonged production disruptions? There are ways, and here comes agencies which extend support to industrial units for effective shutdown of plants and reviving without compromising on production schedules.

Planned and systematic power shutdowns not only protect the equipment and machinery but also extend their life cycle. Industry leaders know that managing and planning shutdowns and re-starting the units are not a simple process but a highly challenging and demanding function, which needs thorough planning and skills. If not properly managed, planned or controlled, unscheduled production stoppages would result in budgetary deficiency, production delays or cost overruns, which would, not only erode customer base but also sink the profit level of the company.

Green World Group (GWG) is a pioneer in training people on systematic and scheduled shutdown and turnaround management and has its coaching centres spread across UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Formulated by an expert team of professionals, the training programme has been developed to help contractors and owners to meet their shutdown and turnaround objectives. The training course is blended with extensive hands-on experience in planning and implementation, related inputs from field personnel along with emerging industry trends and technology to make students readily deployable in any type of industry as shutdown and turnaround professionals.

Not only they can make a living by find a suitable position in a manufacturing or service industry, they can also form their own firms to offer services for planned shutdown, maintenance and revivals of any manufacturing or non-manufacturing unit.

The training programme at Green World Group is designed to provide a thorough understanding of fundamentals of effective planned turnaround management. Modules have been created with numerous examples and case studies based on completed projects to make students understand the challenges and solutions while implementing shutdown management.

The institution not only coaches but also acts as a consultant for industries who want to implement shutdown and reviving in a planned manner without compromising on their productive cycle.

Professionals of shutdown and turnaround management are in great demand as they play a vital role in saving profit erosion by unplanned or unscheduled power outages or production shutdowns due to technical or other reasons. There is no second opinion that planned and scheduled breakdown management would be beneficial and go a long way in the growth of respective industrial units.

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