Hired in 30 seconds – Kenny Kaluiji | HSE Officer Angola

KennyMy name is Kenny, an Angola citizen. Angola is a Southern African country very rich in natural resources most notably diamond and natural gas/oil.  After so many years of civil war strife that retarded economic development and growth, the country returned to full throttle economic, social, political development and growth plans and just 10 years young in peace now, Angola boasts as the second largest oil producing country from Nigeria and one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.

With peace, I decided to return to my country of origin last year in January after spending most of my life outside the country. Objectively I thought to foster and be part and parcel to the economic and sustainable development the country was overwhelmingly undergoing. A graduate in Public Administration and Development Analysis, trained in international diplomatic practice, protocol and public relations with a strong background in banking and credit union management, I was ready to move to Angola. It was very challenging to integrate in the society by and large language (Portuguese) barricaded my opportunities for employment, I became jobless for the next 9 months, until my mentor introduced me to take a different direction from what I have studied and learn to pursue NEBOSH –  International General Certificate in Occupation Health and Safety. He strongly advised how important the training is especially to the oil and gas industry and the many opportunities it offers in the job market. I listened and researched on the course and I came to consonance to pursue the course for the October 2013 intake. And luckily the course is taken right here in Angola by Green World Group (pioneers in HSE and other tailor made courses) which served me from the opportunity costs of traveling and logistics for accommodation and transport if I were to travel to the UK or Dubai to take the course. I registered for the October 2013 intake and truthfully it was an amazing experience under the dynamic tutorship of Mr. Shanker Sreekumar. The course started with many people from different folds especially HSE but without certification and it just showed me how valuable Nebosh Training is to the oil and gas industry. Mr. Shanker was superb with a very rich background in health and safety, the training materials were very easy to understand, it was simply an inspiring learning environment you could ever wish for. No time out to go out for lunch as all meals are nutritiously provided within the training center, great time to learn from different people’s views in  HSE.

After completion of the course, I received my results latest by first week of January squarely passing in all the three units. The training center (Green World Group) I attended Nebosh, gave me a Declaration Letter that I attended Nebosh and I am awaiting my Certificate. 10 days after receiving my Nebosh Declaration Letter, I was hired as a Health, Safety and Environment Officer, miraculously within ‘30 seconds’ of introducing myself to the country Manager I was given the job as HSE Officer hitherto I am enjoying every experience and monetary benefits in my new career in Health and Safety and would not trade HSE with any discipline, all thanks to the Nebosh Certification and training I undertook from Green World Group!!!

That’s my miraculous experience in Nebosh, I encourage anyone to register for Nebosh and Just Do It, its breathed life and success in me. The future is brighter!!!

Keep shining GWG!

Kenny Kaluiji | HSE Officer Angola

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