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How to become NEBOSH HSE Certified Process Safety Manager in UAE

What is process safety management (PSM)?

Process Safety Management (PSM) is a regulations formulated by Occupational Safety and Health Administration to promote safety among process industries which handle hazardous chemicals and high energy sources.

PSM refers to several inter-related approaches in managing hazards and dangerous processes involving handing of high energy release sources with an intention to protect workers from physical dangers and chemical hazards. The safety regulations for PSM are the combination of organizational and operational procedures, safe plan layouts, auditing methods and compliance standards.

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NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management

Organizations in UAE require qualified PSM managers who can create safe and healthy work environments which are compliance to government guidelines. NEBOSH, which offers several recognized safety courses, has joined hands with UK’s regulatory body Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in developing the prestigious Occupational Safety and Health Qualification for process industries.

The online training procedures offered by Green World Group in UAE are intended to develop strong preventive mechanisms to create accident-free environments for process industries which handle hazardous chemicals and high energy sources, which can be catastrophic if not contained.

What they will learn?

Students joining this course on process safety management will get an overview of the needs and advantages of process management system, asset management and maintenance procedures, how to perform safe start and shut-down of plants, performance standards for safety critical equipment and systems, hazard control procedures for chemical reaction, storage and transportation of dangerous goods, fire and explosions, emergency response exercises and their advantages, and compliance procedures.

Who can do NEBOSH HSE PSM?

People handling safety responsibilities in process industries such as chemicals, oil and gas, plastics and pharmaceutical industries must have this qualification for effective implementation of process safety management principles and practices. At the end of the course they will be equipped with thorough understanding of prescribed principles and tried and tested industrial practices for managing process risks. The course will ensure that candidates will be able to recognise and provide effective control measures to tame hazards and risks in any kind of work environments.

Workplace managers, safety executives and HSE advisors can get maximum benefit with this certification and can excel in their career in PSM. Similar to several other NEBOSH safety courses, there are no such entry requirements for this qualification too. However, those who have knowledge on occupational safety issues and have completed a NEBOSH certificate level qualification will be able to understand the concept more precisely and can excel as successful safety advisors.

Learning outcome

Delegates completing NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management course in UAE will surely get benefitted by having sound knowledge that will ensure them to implement procedures to manage occupational safety risks and hazards effectively. With knowledge of process safety management compliance procedures for process industries, delegates will be able to make the workplaces extremely safe to work by addressing all possible hazards and risks thereby reducing the accidents and losses. NEBOSH certified process safety managers can ensure that workers understand the importance of safety and regulations and follow the safety instructions that can ensure incident-free workplaces.