How to pass NEBOSH IGC Examinations


Take your NEBOSH Certificate course online

You can study the NEBOSH Course online from anywhere in the world with the help of a digital medium (computer/laptop/other smart devices with internet support).


The following guidelines is for those who have assumed to possess basic English writing / reading skills

Attend the training sessions regularly and never doubt on your commitment as the reward you get in clearing NEBOSH is humongous.


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The more you study, the more you can remember on the day of examination; prioritize on your source (study materials, reference books, your hand notes, mind map, Google).


Your tutor is your one point contact, ask him for queries on the subjects and actively participate in the question answering sessions even though your answers might be wrong which would help you in remembering the questions.


Never miss any tests and practice writing more questions during the study preparation days. The more you practice writing, more points you would recollect on the day of examination.


Attend all the questions and plan your time focusing on the action verbs (command words) and mark allocation. This can be made effective by practicing a revision paper with eleven questions during the study preparation days.


Never postpone revising the days chapters and remember the most important part is not remembering all the points for a question; it’s all about whether you understand the question. So focus on the key points during the training days which would help in covering more revision questions and avoids writing irrelevant answers.

mind map
Prepare mind map for all the chapters which aids you in remembrance of the entire book during revision days and state examples from the experience which boosts your marks.

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Don’t be complacent with your experience and being motivated oneself with the goal is important.

Dilip Madurai ,MET (General Emphasis)

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