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Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

Why the need for this course?

Management of health and safety in the workplace is not a legal and moral obligation; it also makes good business sense. Attention to safety and employee welfare issues can yield valuable returns in improving employee morale, reducing absenteeism and maintaining productivity, while cutting costs arising from accidents and compensations thereof. Health and safety is often regarded as being separate from other workplace issues. As health and safety laws often involve technical issues, laypersons feel that only experts can deal with such matters.

PRIA’s learning and experiences of the last two decades, however, defies this myth. We believe most accidents happen because they have not been prevented thus safety is a key issue. This programmer titled “Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety” is designed to provide learners with basic information, resources, discussion questions and interactive opportunities that motivate an understanding of Occupational Health and Safety…

Who can join?

The course is designed for safety officers working in the industry, trade union activists who have involvement for the health and safety of the workers. Members of statutory safety committees, civil society organization activists interested in taking up the occupational/environmental health issues and medical doctors working in the industry, environmentalists, media persons and all those who are interested in the subject.

Safety learning, or safety education, is the practice of training and developing skills in safety knowledge. It is also often referred to as. Today, teaching safety is seen as a powerful tool that can bring about fundamental  safety knowledge. In a rapidly changing world, safety training has been envisaged as integrated skill learning programmers, which include formal, non-formal and informal learning throughout the lifespan of an individual. GWG work in the field of safety training is to prepare and educate a new generation of professionals based on safety knowledge syntheses, enhancing professional values and sensitivities and creating lifelong learning orientations among them. Each and every month we have an batches in Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Bangalore, Karaikal. These educational courses are offered in face-to-face and distance modes.

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