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This Act (4 of 1884) was enacted on 26-2-1884 and came into force from 1-7-1884 and extends to the whole of India. It has 18 sections.

Its object is to regulate the manufacture, possession, use, sale, transport, import and export of explosives.

Explosive  means gunpowder, nitro-glycerine, nitroglycol, guncotton, di-nitro-toluene, tri-nitro-toluene, picric acid, di-nitro-phenol, tri-nitro resorcinol (styphnic acid) cyclo trimethylene- tri-nitroamine, penta- erythritol tetranitrate, tetryl, nitro guanidine, lead azide, lead styphynate, fulminate of mercury or any other metal, diazol-di-nitro phenol, coloured fires and any other substance, whether a single compound or mixture, whether solid, liquid or gas used or manufactured witha view to produce explosion or pyrotechnic effect and includes fog-signals, fire works, fuses, rockets, percussion-caps, detonators, cartridges, ammunition, adaptation or preparation of as an explosive .


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