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Lithium-ion battery awareness safety



It’s been a pleasure working for Green World Group with one of the leading digital partners for sustainability and efficiency based in Bangalore in delivering training on Lithium-ion battery awareness safety on 07th July 2023. The training was well-organized and offered great learning experiences for the participants.

Lithium-ion battery awareness safety

This training is designed to deliver the participants with a basic understanding of the general principles of Lithium-ion battery safety hazards and deals with the safety requirements and responsibilities while handling lithium-ion batteries.

Though these batteries offer great advantages, if not handled properly, can expose people to huge risks. By having a better understanding of the potential safety hazards related to lithium-ion batteries, and with the knowledge of best practices to handle, store and use, participants can effectively manage and mitigate the associated risks.

Why Green World?

Green World Group is a technology-driven and skilled team of professionals helping organizations and individuals to broaden their skills in accomplishing and maintaining health and safety compliance. We have built a reputation by demonstrating our commitment to understanding the unique learning needs of clients and offering bespoke safety training and consultancy services that highlight awareness of workplace hazards and promote the health and safety of employees.

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