More environmentally aware than ever – and working to prevent global warming


  1.  We place high priority on EHS activities.
  2.  We will carry out EHS activities in coordination with the local area and community.
  3. In all of our business operations we will make efforts to reduce the impact on the environment, maintain      safety, and maintain and promote the health of our employees.
  4. On a systematic and ongoing basis we will provide the education and training needed to carry out EHS  activities.
  5. We will abide by relevant laws and regulations as a matter of course and endeavor to continuously improve EHS.
  6.  We will perform EHS auditing and work to maintain and enhance EHS.
  7. We will strengthen our emergency management system to be able to minimize damages and respond smoothly in the event of an emergency.
  8. This statement shall be for public distribution both internally and externally.

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