Why does it take up to 12 weeks for me to get my Nebosh IGC results ?

One question frequently asked by students is ‘why does it take so long to get my results ?’ .Clearly we have to ensure that the results are an accurate reflection of student performance .It’s also vital that our procedures and checks are in line with regulatory requirements.

The marking process for a standard sitting consists of six key stages:

Standardization –The Standardization process is designed to establish a consistent and accurate standard of Examiner marking.

Team Leader Review – Examiners mark a sample of their script batch. The Team Leader  re-marks the sample and provides feedback to maintain marking consistency .Each Examiner marks their remaining scripts and return them to NEBOSH.

Clerical Checks – Scripts are checked to ensure that all pages have been marked, marks awarded have been accurately totaled , and all marks (and any adjustments) have been correctly recorded and applied. Any discrepancies are checked and re-marked by a standard officer as necessary.

Marking Review – A Marking Review meeting is then held, Where Examiners scripts are checked to identity the need for any re-marking

Pass standard Setting – the appropriate panel convenes to set the pass standard for the question paper. this ensures  that the standard of NEBOSH question papers over time is maintained. Students’ provisional marks are adjusted accordingly and scripts one mark below pass standard are reviewed.

Result Declaration – The provisional are checked ,the final results declared and written notification sent.

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