Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it.

Who can hope to be safe? who sufficiently cautious?
Guard himself as he may, every moment’s an ambush.

 Our commitment is to work closely with our clients to protect people, promote a healthy workplace and to prevent lossby providing and practicable solutions to health and safety issues at reasonable fee. Many of the services we provide can be bespoked to meet the specific requirements of clients, we are happy to visit and discuss the needs of our clients and to provide a comprehensive quotation for individual or a range of services to meet your situation.

 it is important to measure and benchmark your health and safety performance. This will identify areas of success and those areas where improvements can be made.

In order to drive improvement you will need to know:

  • where you are
  • where you want to be
  • what is the difference and why

se of both aspects of monitoring will answer the following important questions:

  • How well are you performing in terms of health and safety?
  • How well are you meeting your own objectives and standards for health and safety?
  • Are your controls for risks good enough?
  • How well are you complying with the health and safety laws that affect your business?
  • Do your accident investigations get to all the underlying causes of accidents or do they stop when you find the first person who has made a mistake?
  • Do you have accurate records of injuries, ill health and accidental loss?

Monitoring provides the information to let you review activities and decide how to improve performance with safety knowledge.

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