You Want Change Your Carrier – Study Nebosh IGC @ GWG

Nebosh a good career choice for safety professionals With the restructuring of the National Qualifications Framework and the resultant turmoil and uncertainty regarding education and training, there is no clear-cut career path for many professions in India At present, registered qualifications in the health and safety field are fragmented at best, and lack the core

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Job Assistance

Safety is integrate with all the department in an organization and as huge as an ocean and for any fresher or a job seeker to make their entry into it is certainly a tough task if you are not on the right track. Green World Group has made an extensive research to learn the expectations of safety roles and responsibility and our syllabuses are framed with that on grounds so as to make the entry or re-entry of any candidate a cakewalk.

Green World Group believes in self-analysis, self-estimation and self-assessment, therefore we encourage candidates who are choosy about platforms based on self-assessment. For candidates who find it a tough task to assess themselves are put to our expert counselors so as to help them to figure out what they are capable of.

Placement Assistance is provided to all the candidates who fall under safety courses at Green World Group.

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