What qualifications do I need to be a health and safety officer?


Health and safety has become one of the best career choices for those with degree qualifications in any disciplines. NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) is the minimum and effective qualification to become a safety officer, which suites all kind of industry. It is delivered by the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH), which gives a strong knowledge in health, safety issues and its various key aspects.

After the completion of NEBOSH IGC, candidates can do NEBOSH International Diploma (IDip) in Occupational Health and Safety, level 6 qualification by Nebosh

There are also short introductory course for people who are interested in career of health and safety adviser. There is no necessity of previous knowledge in health and safety, except English knowledge to take up the NEBOSH examination and for communication among the employees at workplace.

Experience or knowledge in any one of the follow area may be much useful but is not mandatory

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Risk Assessment

Some of the typical responsibilities of Health and Safety Officer are:

  • Performing risk assessments on various aspects
  • Looking after site inspections
  • Investigating on incidents at workplace and preparing accident reports
  • Enforcinglaws and regulationsof health and safety
  • In-house training sessions for all staff to ensure and keep up-to-date safety policies of an organization

What is scope of NEBOSH IGC

NEBOSH IGC is a market demanded and market leader Health &Safety course which has the capability of extending the strengths and value in the market of health and safety. There are number of Employment opportunities found all across the globe, for the role of health and safety officer, manager, auditor, engineer in all kind of industry, with good salary package and respect among the employees and co-workers. Many people leave their own country in order to get higher paying job. And many professionals are sent abroad by their working company for the sake of organizing and managing an affiliate office. There are many specific adjustments to be met by the people when they work in another country, like new environment, culture etc.

Why GWG New Delhi?

Green World Group with 12 years of experience in providing NEBOSH and other health and safety course celebrates its 800th batch celebration with exiting offers for students who take up NEBOSH by providing free professional courses, helps the candidates in specific needs of their profession.

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