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Best Fire and Safety Training for Employees, Freshers, and Students in Kerala

What is Fire & Safety training?

Fires destroy property, cause injuries, and even take the lives of people working in an organization. Fire & Safety Training is essential for employees to equip themselves with emergency needs and improve their effective thinking skills to handle workplace fires safely and effectively.

Where manufacturing and industrial facilities see higher rates of workplace fires, the best way to keep your employees safe and protected is to provide proper fire safety training on workplace fire hazards. This training helps to learn preventive measures to eliminate the reasons for causing fire risk at work.

Why Fire Safety Training for Employees is Needed?

For employees, Fire Safety Training helps to reduce the probability of damages caused by fire incidents to the building or assets. Developing and implementing fire safety protocols in the workplace saves the organization from injuries caused by fire incidents and aligns with safety compliance issued by regulatory bodies.

Fire safety training is essential in order to:

1. Minimize the potential risk of injury to employees and assets.
2. Avoid possible fines/penalties.
3. Maintaining trust and brand value with customers.
4. Ensuring Job security that may be lost due to asset damage.

Tips for Fire Safety in the Workplace:

1. Ensure all employees receive fire safety training
2. Appoint a Responsible Fire Safety Officer who is adequately trained
3. Create a fire-risk assessment process
4. Be prepared with your industry fire safety management plan and evacuation procedures;
5. Prominently display fire safety signage.
6. Perform mock Fire Drills at your workplace
7. Mitigate your fire risks
8. Fix suitable Fire Fighting Equipment like fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire hydrants, and emergency exit signs in your workplace.
9. Display Emergency information like evacuation routes, safety guidelines, and emergency phone numbers in a visible location at your workplace.
10. Create clear channels for reporting fire safety issues

Benefits of Fire and Safety Course in Kerala:

For Employees:

  • To understand the main and major causes of fire hazards inside working premises.
  • To train themselves to prevent causing any incidents involving fire.
  • Identify and eliminate causes of fire hazards and eliminate them.
  • Be aware of fire and safety equipment inside the working premises.
  • To be familiar with emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Equip themselves to face fire breakout situation
  • Learn to evacuate their emergencies in a calm and subtle manner.

For Freshers:

  • International certification in Fire and Safety Diploma.
  • Can get higher career opportunities to move across worldwide industries.
  • Individuals can become certified Safety professionals with large-scale pay.

Course Certification:

Successful participants who passed the written and practical test will receive certificates on Fire safety. The certificate is also recognized to be attested by

  • Approved by the Government of India
  • Attested by the Ministry of External Affairs
  • Can become Eligible to apply for MIIRSM
  • Eligible to register at Employment Exchange

Fire Safety Jobs in Kerala:

The demand for Fire and Safety Jobs in Kerala is increasing day by day in both government and private industries like chemical plants, electricity boards, construction sites, and oil & refineries companies.

After completion of fire and safety courses,

  • Fresher’s
  • Fireman
  • Safety Consultant
  • Fire Safety Officer
  • Working Employees
  • Safety supervisors
  • Managers can apply for various job opportunities in Kerala.
  • Fire Safety Courses for Employees, Freshers & Students in Kerala:

    Fire Safety Training Institute in Kerala – Green World Group

    Every industry or workplace must implement safety measures to avoid and manage fire in order to minimize losses in terms of human life and property.

    Green World provides various industry-recognized Safety Diploma Training Course to employees, workers, freshers, and students in Kerala, India. This fire safety course will assist learners in understanding the various possibilities and causes of fire formation and help to identify fire hazards, particularly in the workplace. At the end of the course, students possess the knowledge and operational skills to prevent and manage fire, safety procedures, compliance and evacuation systems, critical usages of fire safety equipment, types of hazards, and causes of fire.

    We also offer accredited safety courses from reputed international boards

    “A quality educational institute will always guide you in the right direction.
    Enroll the Fire Safety course! Learn how to save lives from the fire!! “

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