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Fire Safety Training



Green World Group takes this moment to share that we have delivered an essential workplace topic of Fire Safety Training to one of the leading E-Commerce company based in Chennai, India . Mr.Gopi, the tutor, guided participants well throughout the session which created a profound impact on them.

Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training is an incredibly important awareness program that goes beyond just protecting yourself. Fires can happen anywhere and anytime and hence workplace fire safety should be considered as a key aspect of health and safety policies within an organization.

This fire safety training is intended to deliver essential knowledge to all employees and workers about the fire risks in work premises, how to avoid fire incidents & accidents, the necessary fire safety arrangements, and what actions should be taken in case of a fire. The learners of this training will also be provided with skills to identify the various types of fires and recognize the potential of a fire in the workplace.

Why Green World?

Green World Group is right here with you to transform your workplace safety challenges into world-class environments that integrate growth, prosperity, and sustainability. We have a diverse range of industry-standard consultancy services and training courses that assure relevant knowledge to take your business forward in the health & safety journey.

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