GWG is proud to announce the successful completion of our 8th batch for Nebosh IGC in Dubai

Green World Group is proud to announce the successful completion of our 8th batch for Nebosh International General Certificate in Dubai. The course attracted students from Oman, Saudi Arabial, India, China and from diverse roles as Project Head, Construction superintend, Security, Banking etc.

Liew Kuo Huei one of the student from China describes the 10-day session as the best course he has attended so far.


‘Our Tutor Shanker did this course that has the potential to be delivered in a very boring way and which involves so much work, really exciting and informative. I really enjoyed it.  Shanker has a knack of explaining things by drawing from examples that only comes with years of hands on experience, and general life experiences.’

Sheik Hakeem Sulaiman another student from Saudi, praised Shanker for the ‘commitment and dedication’ he showed to the group and for ‘being prepared to assist us outside of the normal allocated lecture time.’

‘I am glad to say that I have the opportunity to start utilizing my new found knowledge as I am part of a group brainstorming and compiling a H&S checklist under the guidance of a tutor,’ he says. ‘It is exciting to see how the course content that we covered during the two weeks is applicable. I can start to really use what I have learned.’

Lawrence Johnson, a security manager for an independent contractor in the oil and gas sector who attended the Dubai course, said:

‘I’ve been involved in security management most of my life but wanted to expand into affiliated areas of safety, health and environment which is often connected to security in the oil and gas sector and my colleagues advised me that NEBOSH Int. Gen Certificate would be the best qualification to have.’

‘The course Instructor was exceptional as he took dry and remote material, made it highly interesting and within a day got everyone talking. He created good learning environment, his technique was so much better than just having a lecturer talking to you from a podium and he was able to migrate the theoretical into the practical and make a bridge between theory and our own experience, making it all highly relevant

Green World Group is proud to announce our next Duabi batch from May 13th onwards.

Posted on:08/09/2011

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