Industrial Safety Training @ Bangalore

Provides the core concepts of safety awareness in the industrial workplace

With an emphasis on each trainee’s role and responsibility in developing a more complete knowledge of, and appreciation for, workplace safety, the industrial safety training program provides employees with specific procedures for handling various materials, operating different kinds of machinery, and performing various tasks safely while at the same time ensuring maximum organizational productivity.

The highly adaptable Industrial Safety Training program helps your employees to:

       Select proper protective clothing to safeguard eyes, ears, skin, and mouth within the workplace.

       Demonstrate proper practice to avoid the most common kinds of accidents.

       State the correct practice to follow to avoid electric shock when using electric tools.

       Demonstrate safe practice when using common types of ladders and scaffolding.

       State the key points for the safe use of powered industrial trucks, and for both gravity and powered conveyers.

       Describe procedures for the treatment of electric shock.


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