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A passenger train collided with another train stopped at a signal in southern India, killing 10 people and injuring dozens.

Rescue workers and others crowd next to the derailed compartments of a passenger train after two trains collided near Arakkonam, southwest of Chennai, India, Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2011. The passenger train traveling through southern India collided with another train stopped at a signal on Tuesday, killing eight people and injuring dozens more, a government official said. (AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)

  1. Safety
  • · Safety is the sum total of efforts of
    • men and management ,
    • observance of methods ( Rules, procedures & practices),
    • Performance of machines ( materials and maintenance practices),
    • Utilization of Funds.
  1. Main Focus in preparing Safety Plan
  • §HRD related activities and issues
  • §Implementation and monitoring
  • §Safety equipment and material
  • §Safety projects likely to reduce casualties
  • §Administrative decisions for utilization of Funds
  1. Safety Plan
  • It is a paradigm of five Ms-
  • Men
  • Management
  • Methods
  • Machines
  • Money – in that order

Consequential train accidents include train accidents having serious repercussion in terms of loss of human life, human injury, and loss to Railway property or interruption to Rail traffic. Collision, Fire in train, trains running into road traffic at level crossings, derailment and accidents of miscellaneous nature are included in consequential train accidents

Safety in general

  • Safety performance is dependent on the quality of the Human element and induction of safety related technology
  • Emphasis on Training and wherever possible to prevent human failure through technological inputs
  • Emphasis on clearing the backlog of replacement of overaged assets

Safety is paramount to improve operational efficiency through intensive utilization of assets

Highly demand for qualified safety professionals

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