Nebosh Delhi batch (March 26th to April 5th ), this year’s 2rd batch in Delhi was completed successfully….







Training is an expensive investment in the future skillbase and growth of an organisation via its workforce. If it fails to deliver its promises then the investment must also have failed. Our mission at Green World Group LLC and Consultancy is to ensure that our clients’ objectives are met or even exceeded and that their investment succeeds.

Our philosophy is that training must lead to effective learning and the desire to apply that learning when back at work. We believe that people learn most effectively when they are relaxed, motivated, engaged and energised.

To achieve these attributes we ensure that training programmes are fun, interactive, contemporary, inspirational and, most of all, memorable. This philosophy applies to all of our training programmes and courses, whether it be a NEBOSH General Cert, NEBOSH IOGC an IOSH Managing course, IOSH Working Course or even a full Advance HSE diploma program.

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