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Security issues in safety in the workplace today is an important topic in today, especially with the increase of accidents in workplaces and businesses. Accidents can often be small but they can also lead to life-changing results, such as mutilation and casualty. The security problem most common in the workplace are related to trip and fall, but there are many other causes must be taken into consideration. An organization with a premium to deal with security should consider issues such as ergonomics, space planning, so that the tasks best suited for those.

A simple internet job search reveals a large number of ‘health and safety advisor’ type jobs with salaries in the region of 50,000 INR in most cases.

Jobs of this type generally have two requirements:

  • relevant industrial experience
  • a NEBOSH International General Certificate

Whilst we cannot guarantee employment as a health and safety practitioner, we would certainly recommend health and safety as a potential career, particularly for those who have work experience in occupations which demand high levels of compliance to legislation.

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