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Why Work at Height Training


Green World takes pride in announcing the successful delivery of in-house training to a leading logistics company in India on 29/2/2024. Despite the challenges posed by distance, our online training session proved highly effective in equipping the staff with essential skills and knowledge.

Work at Height Training and Its Importance

Work at height refers to any task performed above ground level, presenting risks of falls or accidents. In logistics, this often includes activities such as loading/unloading goods from trucks, stacking inventory on shelves, or accessing elevated storage areas. Proper training in work at height covers topics such as hazard recognition, safe equipment usage (e.g., harnesses, ladders), and emergency procedures like rescue and evacuation.
By addressing these aspects comprehensively, organizations can minimize incidents, protect worker well-being, and maintain operational efficiency.

Why Green World Group?

  • 1. Expertise: With years of experience in occupational health and safety training, Green World Group delivers comprehensive and tailored programs.
  • 2. Certified Trainers: Our trainers are well equipped and possess practical industry experience, ensuring the highest standard of instruction.
    Customized Solutions: We understand the unique challenges of the logistics sector and develop training modules specifically designed to address its safety needs.
  • 3. Interactive Learning: Our online training platform offers engaging sessions with interactive elements, fostering better retention and understanding among participants.
  • 4. Compliance Assurance: Green World Group’s training programs adhere to international safety standards, providing companies with the assurance of regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

In conclusion, our successful in-house training initiatives exemplify Green World Group’s commitment to enhancing safety in the logistics industry. By investing in the skills and knowledge of personnel, we contribute to a safer work environment and sustainable business practices.

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