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NEBOSH IGC Course focuses on International Standards and Management systems to provide a broad understanding of Health and Safety Practices and principles. Do Nebosh IGC Course in India with the Green World Group.

Health – A State of well being in physiological and psychological sense. In workplace terms this would include not suffering from noise-induced deafness, mental fatigue or stress.

Safety – Absence of danger of physical harm. Attention of safety matters would typically deal with hazards such as fall from a height, fire, electricity, moving planet, machinery and equipment.

Health and Safety is the fundamental aspect of managing an organization as it impacts on all the functions within the organization, just as quality might. Health and safety embraces a number of disciplines reflecting the scope of its influence, including finance, insurance, health, and production, personnel, design, and purchase and information technology.

The barriers to success with health and safety are the same as with an additional barrier being that the main operational requirements of the organisation will tend to take priority, whether this is construction, manufacture or health care. Organizations tend to focus on intermediate costs of implementing health and safety rather than the benefits that can be gained from doing so. The constant struggle to balance often complex, conflicting demands and behavioural issues with protecting profits by not spending unnecessarily is something that those who wishing to improve health and safety place daily. The organization may divert resources from health and safety needs to issues such as quality improvement.

Successful Organisations are realizing the need to take an inclusive approach to health and safety that balances effort between the four primary issues – Service, quality and health, safety and environment – by implementing technical, procedural and behavioral solutions.

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